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  • Landscaping and creation of parking spaces in the building plot, on road Filikis etairias .
  • Two storey stone-built house, with basement, roofing and fencing in damasikia Kozanis
  • Two-storey house with basement, roof and fence in Trilofo.
  • Five-storey building with flats, underground fence in kalamaria Thessalonikis.
  • Five-storey building with flats, underground fence and in krini Thessalonikis.
  • Three storey building with basement and roof in Pilea.
  • Two storey house, with a roof and fence in Neochorouda.
  • Two story building, ground floor shop and residence with basement and roof in RETZIKI.
  • Five-storey building with flats and basement in Evosmo.
  • Two storey house in Basilika.

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